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MINNEAPOLIS GRAB BAR INSTALLATION - PAUL'S GRAB BARS Paul's Grab Bars specializes in expertly installing safety grab bars in homes, condominiums, and apartments across the greater Twin Cities area. With over 23,000 bars installed, owner Paul Althoff is your best man for the job. Paul is accompanied by Barb or Laurie on every job. Paul's wife Barb is a Physical Therapist with over 25 years of home-care experience. We are proud of our work, and that pride extends to our respect for your home. We always clean up thoroughly after installation. PAUL'S GRAB BARS Paul Althoff, Owner 612-822-0756 Paul's Grab Bars is an independent company with no affiliation to Mr. Grab Bar, inc.

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If you have waited until you need grab rails, you probably have waited too long. The old saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is probably an understatement in this case. The financial and emotional toll associated with an unexpected fall can be quite high and far outweighs the relatively small investment required to make the home a safer place. The time to keep you and your loved ones safe is now, not after a fall occurs. The installation of grab bars is a quick and easy process where as an unexpected fall can be the start of a long and arduous journey. We sincerely encourage you ever so strongly to contact us today and make your home a safer place. We believe in a safer you!!

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