Vivid Brushed Nickel DECORATIVE Grab Bar

Our Vivid Brushed Nickel DECORATIVE Grab Bar features our attractive step design flange cover. The deep brushed nickel finish of this designer grab bar is exquisite.

The Vivid Brushed Nickel "DECORATIVE" designer grab bars all feature our acclaimed wUndergrip Technology TM, enhancing the grip by providing finger engagements on the underside of the gripping surface.

Each flange comes with a die-cut silicone seal to help prevent moisture from getting behind the flange. Our flange design features multiple anchoring points serving to facilitate installation.

The Vivid Brushed Nickel "Decorative" grab bar has been designed with collaborative input from physical and occupational therapists, metal fabricators, and professional grab bar installers.

The "Decorative" grab bar in brushed nickel finish is fabricated out of 304 stainless steel. Mr. Grab Bar pays attention to every detail before we ship to ensure your satisfaction. Your bathroom environment can now be both safe and stylish.

All of our grab bars feature our convenient 9-hole flange design, which facilitates installation. You can observe a unique variation of our 9-hole flange when you look under the hood of our Designer Grab Bar | MODERN Bath Rail.

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