Polished Chrome Grab Bars

Our collection of Polished Chrome bath safety bars is finely crafted and feature a gorgeous and durable reflective finish. These bath rails feature wUndergrip Technology TM to further improve gripping power as well as die cut silicone seals to provide water proofing at the flange to substrate connection point. Our carefully designed flange system provides numerous anchoring points to provide the installer with utmost flexibility during the installation process.

Many of our customers who are initially looking for less expensive Polished Stainless bars end up choosing the brighter and more attractive Polished Chrome grab bars that we offer.

Our grab bars are available in a range of sizes for both residential and commercial applications in shower and toilet areas. Our products have been meticulously designed with collaborative input from Physical and Occupational Therapists, metal fabricators, and professional installers. These products are precision crafted in 304 stainless steel to meet ADA specifications and are tested up to 500 lbs. Bath safety can now be stylish and dependable with our new and improved range of grab rails designed to blend perfectly with chrome accessories and hardware.

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