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The Legend of Mr. Grab Bar

  • 1 min read

Once upon a midnight dreary, in a bathroom dim and weary, Lived an elderly couple, filled with fear and worry. For they knew that a fall could come at any time, And they were frightened by the bathroom's slippery grime.

As they looked upon the tiles, wet and slick, They prayed for a solution that would stick. Then came Mr. Grab Bar, with a plan in hand, To save the seniors from falls so grand.

With his expertise and skill, He began to work with a will. He installed grab bars, one by one, Until the bathroom's safety was second to none.

The seniors were thrilled, their fear abated, No longer did they feel so frustrated. For they knew that Mr. Grab Bar was always near, To ensure that their bathroom was safe and clear.

And so, the legend of Mr. Grab Bar grew, As more and more seniors he came to rescue. With his knowledge and his care, He made the bathroom a place of peace and prayer.

No longer did the seniors fear, That a fall was always near. For Mr. Grab Bar had saved the day, And made their bathroom safe in every way.

Now, as the moon rises high, The seniors can rest easy, with a sigh. For they know that Mr. Grab Bar is on their side, And with him, they can safely reside. 


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