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Bathroom Grab Bars Provide Vital Elements of Bath Safety.

  • 2 min read
If you wait until you need grab bars, then you have waited too long!

Bathroom Safety Bars have provided numerous benefits to our senior populations in terms of fall prevention and assistance. An unexpected fall can have devastating consequences but too often is this event dealt with after the fact instead of from the standpoint of prevention. If one waits until after an incident has occurred, then they have waited too long. Implementation of bathroom grab bars as a means of assistance becomes obvious to many of our clientele who suffer from balance and visual deficits, limited mobility, or diminished strength.   

Strategically placed grab bars could have prevented this unexpected bathroom fall.

Bathroom safety devices that are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye have drastically improved the earlier acceptance and adoption of these important improvements to the bath and shower environment.

The bathroom environment can often be quite dangerous, both in and out of the shower or bathing environment. Tiled floors can be quite slippery when wet and pose a tremendous hazard to both young and old. Nonslip treads and large immovable matting can sometimes improve the situation. Strategically placed bathroom grab bars placed in and out of the immediate bathing environment are essential for not only helping to prevent unexpected falls but also for providing assistance and even psychological reassurance to vulnerable seniors.

Almost every bathroom grab bar that Mr. Grab Bar produces, with the exclusion of our satin stainless steel grab bar, provides an element of slip resistance or grip enhancement with the provision of either our wUndergrip technology, texture coated finishes such as the SlipTek or Eurogrip coating, or our Gator Grip Ultra Peened surfacing. These anti-slip technologies provide an important adjunct to the properties of a bathroom grab bar making our bath rails ideal for the wet, soapy or humid environments found in most showers or bathrooms.  

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