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You Are Never Too Young for Bathroom Grab Bars!

  • 2 min read

There's a widespread misconception that bathroom grab bars are only for the very elderly and the disabled. This point of view cannot be further from the truth. Although falls are much more common amongst older people, a proactive approach to a safer home can help to prevent falls for people of all ages. This universal approach indirectly brings the concept of bathroom grab bars more into the mainstream, making them more acceptable and less stigmatic to those who might need them the most.

I have steadily seen increased acceptance for these devices amongst the younger senior populations as the stigma is gradually lifting, and awareness of the seriousness of falls has become more widespread.  These "budding" seniors have helped to spread the word about bath safety and the importance of shower bars, literally providing support to each other and bringing the essence of fall prevention onto the main stage.

Our philosophy and initiative have always been that bathroom handrails are for everyone, regardless of age. Our marketing, imagery, and sales approach keeps this attitude of safety for all in the forefront, and the results have been extremely positive.

Years ago, we provided critical feedback to the marketing department of one of our significant suppliers suggesting that they use images demonstrating usage of grab bars by not only seniors but by people of all ages, even including children, to help overcome the psychological barriers that many face when opting to enhance bathroom safety within their home. We now offer these bath safety devices in a wide variety of elaborate styles and finishes defeating some of the resistance to implementing shower bars in the home environment.

We now offer grab bars in so many elaborate designer styles, we still surprisingly find that a large percentage of our wealthier clients often opt for more of a basic design even when the cost is not an obstacle. Safety has become a prime concern for these individuals, and it frequently overshadows most other considerations.

We often tell our customers that if you wait until you need bathroom grab bars, you have probably waited too long. It is all too familiar for one who has already begun to experience subtle changes that occur with aging to keep procrastinating and avoiding a bathroom safety upgrade until it is too late, and he or she suffers a devastating fall.

Grab rails provide a critical means of intervention to reduce the risk of falls, and they must not be overlooked or avoided, especially with older adults.  

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