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How should a grab bar be placed for bathtub entry?

  • 2 min read

How should a grab bar be placed?  This is the question that first comes into our minds when we consider bathroom safety.

Stepping into or out of a bathtub or tub shower can be extremely dangerous. You are lifting one of your legs momentarily to step over what can be a high or wide tub with almost your entire weight supported with the other extremity.

The tile floor or the tub surface can be wet and slippery. The conditions are just right for an unexpected fall.

"This scenario is extremely dangerous and is definitely one that warrants the use of a grab bar"

After considering some of the factors both objective and subjective that we have gathered during our home safety assessment, we decide where to install safety bars. We frequently install bathtub grab rails vertically at t the entry point to a tub, or tub shower combinations. This allows the hand to grip very naturally when entering or exiting the bathing area. When the grab bar is placed at an angle for this purpose, the assistance which the bar offers is more conducive to movement in only one direction.

We usually suggest a 16" bar or longer to accommodate individuals of different heights. A longer bar can be even more accommodating to discrepancies in height but not all individuals are willing to place a longer bar at the entry point, primarily for aesthetic concerns. We try to address some of these aesthetic concerns by providing a wide range of grab bars in many sizes and styles.

When installing in this location, particular consideration must be given to the location of the shower curtain, shower doors, plumbing, and light switches or receptacles located on the other side of the wall. In some situations, we have to pay special attention to the condition of the tile, especially on wall corners or in regions where the tile ends and the drywall begins. These particular tiles may be somewhat prone to being damaged. An experienced installer is usually aware of this and would normally be cautious in such a situation.


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