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Black SlipTek Grab Bar

The SlipTek Black Grab Bar is safe and stylish. This black bath safety bar is ADA compliant, features wUndergrip Technology TM to enhance the grip, and is equipped with silicone seals to resist moisture. Our wUndergrip feature provides you with a scalloped underside to the grab bar. This functional enhancement improves your grip of the bar by providing several locations for finger placement. The SlipTek Black Grab Bar is available in various lengths, features wUndergip technology, and a very durable wrinkle textured black finish. The flange design is attractive and designed to provide easy installation. Our flanges feature a waterproof silicone seal, which vastly enhances the durability and functionality of the product and facilitates the installation process.

This unique black grab bar has been conceived with collaborative input from physical and occupational therapists, metal fabricators, and professional grab bar installers.

We fabricate our black bathroom grab bar from 304 stainless steel and meticulously powder coat the product with our highly textured Sliptek finish to enhance durability and function. We test our range of bath safety bars up to 500 pounds. We pay attention to every detail and rigorously inspect the product before we ship it to our customers. Your bathroom can now be both safe and stylish.

Allof our grab bars feature a convenient 9-hole flange design, which facilitates the installation process. A unique variation of the 9-hole flange is shown in the image below when we look under the hood of our Designer Grab Bar | Modern bath rail.    

Intelligently designed 9 hole flange seen on our designer grab bar.
Size: 12"
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    Mark C.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Grab bar

    I really am impressed with my Grab Bar. It was fairly easy to mount and the Slip Tek grip makes a huge difference. I liked it so much, I bought another one.

    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Safe, secure and stylish . . .

    We recently renovated our Master Bath to make it larger and more accessible as we plan to "age in place." I was happy to find these exceptional grab bars for several reasons. I knew from sad experiences that most grab bars can be slippery when wet or grasped by soapy hands. The grip on these Slip Tek bars is truly safe and steady no matter whether wet and soapy. One of us has a neurological disease that greatly effects hand strength and coordination. The special coating textured on these grab bars, along with the ribbed finger indents at the back are just perfect for anyone wanting to minimize the effect of these same neuro challenges. It mattered to us that the grab bars be stylish as we were going for a peaceful Zen-like calmness. Mission accomplished as they look great. The matte finish of the Slip Tek goes very well with the matte finish vanity top and matte finish tile we chose for our quiet but sophisticated look. They also arrived with adhesive discs in the back of the installation anchor areas making it easy to temporarily place them as you prepare the screws. Great benefit if just one person is doing the install. And they come with the appropriate length and coarse threaded screws necessary for truly solid anchoring into a stud. We could not be happier with these grab bars. Worth every penny. Fast delivery. Well packaged. The only minor frustration is that the first thing guests say when they see our gorgeous new bathroom is: " Geez. Where did you get those great grab bars?"

    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Mr GrabBar - excellent

    The Mr. GrabBar enables me to still get in & out of my whirlpool tub. It was easy to install. Solid & Durable.

    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Love the texture

    I have purchased these in the past. I love the texture of these bars. They don’t have an industrial look that a lot of bars have.

    Marybeth B.
    Cumming, GA

    Excellent product - Black SlipTek Grab Bar

    Grab bars arrived quickly, packaged well. I called get some clarification before I ordered and he was pleasant and helpful. I like the ridges on the back side of the bar; they are being installed this weekend.

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