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White Shower Grab Bars will blend perfectly!

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Many of our customers find that our White and Oyster grab bar collections seem to appear less obtrusive when installed in light colored shower and seem to give it a very clean friendly, fresh, and bright non-institutional appearance. These particular finishes are non-metallic and provide a more subdued look at least to a portion of our clientele. On the other hand, we do have many customers that actually feel that the white finish is more hospital-like and actually prefer our wide range of metallic or darker finishes. This has also been reported to us in the field by many of our independent installers and dealers.

When it comes to decision regarding design and finish, it is beneficial to provide a little guidance but the ultimate decision should rest with the customer.

We encourage you to check out some of our white and oyster grab bar collections. Our white shower grab bars, as well as our oyster and almond products feature a glossy hammered gripping surface and wUndergip TechnologyTM to further enhance the grip. These products are meticulously designed, fabricated, powder coated and available in a wide range of sizes. We will also be introducing several new designer white and oyster grab bars in the late fall of 2020 featuring new flange designs and finishes.

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